Omen J/B F/S


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Pete Ohman J/B for sale:

Butt--16.2oz. 30" 3/8 11 brass pin Straight
Shaft--3.40z. 29" 12.88MM Slight wobble but nothing leaves the table

The butt is made out of birds eye maple and ebony and there are fancy
rings at the shaft collar, joint collar and butt cap. Natural linen fiber joint
and butt cap.

Will also consider trades on lower priced custom cues.


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Awesome Break Cue

If you have not yet tried an Omen J/B cue, you are missing out. I sold one I loved due to some personal issues and I can say that these cues not only slam racks, but, make an outstanding playing cue as well. If you use a m/h tip, no need to take any other cue to the pool hall or local bar. You have the complete package in these cues. Suprised that this is still on the boards, I may have to look into it......