One Pocket Action Match of the year!


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September 23-26th
Alex Pagulayan Vs Tony Chohan.
$150,000 One Pocket Champions Challenge.
This is going to be an awesome match.



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If you like One Pocket action this is as good as it gets.

Live from Rack N Grill 3 in Aiken South Carolina September 23-26th.
The Lion Alex Pagulayan vs T-Rex Tony Chohan.
$150,000 Champions One Pocket Challenge
Tony gets 9/8 race to 36 stop daily at 9-18-27 and 36 for the win.
JJ Jeremy Jones and special guests will be doing expert commentary breaking down the shots and strategies.


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Based on this thread at least, seems like Alex is clear favorite. While anything can happen, my prediction is not only does Tony win this one, he does it convincingly, very possibly 6+. Heard it here first.

As someone else mentioned I almost think Tony might be better off playing Alex even as there is some chance he lets the fact that he is getting spotted get in his head, or he could even go the other way and think there is no way he can lose with that spot which results in either complacent or dumb play. Should be a fun one to see how it goes.


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Good timing for the Chef. I saw this post an hour (I think) before the games begin.
This is a match up I’ve wanted to see since 1988 when i was one. Go Alexi