One Pocket Returns To Michigan


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At one time, Michigan was a hotbed of the billiard world. Home of the National Billiard News, the greats would converge on the Livonia area for the many straight pool and three cushion events that were held at one of the three Cushion & Cue rooms that were owned by Ray Abrams. In fact, it was his 1979 straight pool tournament which was the first event to which I flew rather than drive. The US Open One Pocket Championship was held for several years starting in 1994 at the Billiards Playground in Kalamazoo attracting the greats as well.

This past week, owner Issa Eadah and his family welcomed players back to Michigan for their $7,000 added One Pocket Classic held at the Rack in Livonia. Local sponsors included S.A.W. Concrete LLC, Littman Lights, 20 After 4 Delivery, Joseph J. Long, Attorney At Law, The Rack and

Spotted was one of the most prolific one pocket champs of the last three years, Roberto Gomez, as well as the 1996 US Open One Pocket champ, Jayme Goodwin. Other well-known names were there such as Michigan’s Jeremy Seaman, Derek Pogirski, Mike Sardelli and Marty Sawinski in addition to Tommy Midena, Aaron Toth, Ilir Jaho, Shane Winters and young gun Sergio Rivas.

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