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I put together a new APA team and during our first session (winter) we made it to the playoffs but were eliminated. This time we cruised into the playoffs in second place (next time it will be first) and made it to the playoffs. It's a big division in the summer and they had 2 wildcards that played the first and second place team.

The wildcard we drew beat us 3-2 during the regular session. It was my fault that we lost because I screwed the match ups and my players lost. I won and my heat (sl6) won.

We are at playoffs and they throw a 4 who was a 5 but went down. I match him with a 4 of my own, and he loses 3-1. I throw my 6 they pay a 5 and my guy beats him 5-0. They throw their 6 I thow my 5 and he wins 4-0 and it's on to triannuals.

We get a first round bye and Saturday morning we run into a team which I've never plaed before, never even seen any of the players before. They put up a 6 (promoted that morning from a 5) so I counter with my 5 who handily beats him. They throw their other 6 and I throw mine and it was touch and go. My guy got down 4-1 and rallied back to win 5-4. They throw their captain sl3 (they are down at this point 2-0).

I can't understand why their 3 is playing herself. It would seem like she'd want to stop the bleeding. I figure that with a 2-0 lead I am not going to lose this match, so I play my female 3 against her. My girl got her ass whipped 2-0, but she got to play in the triannuals.

I step up (sl4) and they match me with a sl4. I played like crap. Missing balls, blowing position, even dogging a couple of 8 ball shots. Let me tell you it was ugly stressful and unpleasant. I knew I was out of my game, but I was going to be damned if I let them pull even 2-2 when I could end it all (I am the captain right?) I picture myself to be a clutch player, the kind of guy who doesn't give up when he's down or playing shitty. It goes down to the rubber and I win 3-2.
We're in the finals and the team we are set to play lost to us during the regular session, and they were having serious handicap problems (2 of their 4s moved up). The result was that they couldn't play their 7 without being forced to play their 2. I resolved to keep him and myself on the bench. I won the toss and they put up one of their 4s'. I put a 3 on him and won the match 2-1. I put up my 4 and they throw a new 5 on him (9/23) and my guy loses 4-2.

They throw their other new 5 (14/23) and I throw another one of my 3's on him. My 3 won the same matchup against this guy when he was a 4 during regular session. He wins it 2-2.
Now I know they can't afford to risk playing their 7 because even if he wins it's 2-2 and they will be forced to let their 2 decide it. I couldn't be happier because this guy whipped my heat (sl6) during the regular session like he was a little boy. The only thing they can do is play their other 4, and 5.

They put up the 4 and I put my 5 on her. My 5 has really played well during the playoffs because I have managed to keep him out of pressure situations. I match him up where he has a game advantage, and if he loses it doesn't end the night. He is definitely not the guy I want to play when it's 2-2 and the win is on the line. We are up 2-1 and he only has to give up one rack to her, so I figure he's pointed downhill, let him take us home. He gets out of the gate strong, winning the first 2 racks. She was nervous and he had her down and almost out. Then he made a mistake and she won rack 3. She got her feet under her and started playing and my guy folded. It came down to the rubber match and he's *****ing about his eyes. There are 2 balls left on the table for him and she takes a time out. I go talk to him and tell him to drop the last 2 balls so we can go celibrate. He blows it and she wins.

All they have left is their 5 and it's me or my heat 2-2. I want to play bad, but I played like shit earlier, and couldn't justify leaving the stronger player on the bench. I put up the heat and he takes us home!

Next stop State's in May and then it's Viva Las Vegas! :thumbup:

Thanks for reading I just had to crow about it a little. I've never gotten this far, and neither has my team

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Congratulations. States are typically much tougher than AMI's. Just one comment about the post. Paragraphs!

Again, congrats and hope you do well at States.



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Congrats its always nice to have a team come together and accomplish something they wanted to do. It's amazing how much you can help or screw up a team by knowing who to play when.

Nice Job