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IMO TPA gives more than enough info on match performance. Some new AZ member was touting a system that went into ULTRA-micro(as in shot-by-shot live stats) match stats. I just don't see why one would need/want info on that level. TPA is easy to compute and more than accurate enough.
I think the shot by shot was pretty cool. It's nice to have an understanding of the average length of runs, safety battles, etc. Some of the other stuff was pretty esoteric. I thought it was too big of a leap from the broad statistic of TPA to such an extreme granular level that I couldn't see the forest for the trees. I don't need that for every game but it's nice to see the flow of the game represented. If I see the average run is 6 balls, or most of the time they get 2 balls on the break, then I have a clear idea of what I need to achieve. I could calculate my TPA and compare that but something a little more detailed may be helpful. I don't need it to enjoy a match, nor do I want to see it for every match, but it could help me evaluate my game.


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I'm pretty sure a thousand is the maximum you can get. It be like batting over a thousand in baseball. You can't do it.

That is true for TPA but Fargo is not based on your performance on the table but how you do against other opponents. It is possible to go over 1000 if the player was skilled enough or the creep upwards keeps continuing in the future. Fargo is based on known player skill that was seeded in the system and how well you do against players with a rating, there is no upper max really, it's just arbitrary picked numbers.