Original pre cat 314?

So I bought a predator 314. When I got it looks literally almost new. Feels like my 314 3 when I got it has that fake laminate feel an the center hole is drilled way off. Could it been a fake replica?


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Pics will help the knowledgeable people on here help you.

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That looks legit. I never heard of a fake 314-1. I have a few bought new from that timeframe. If it was played, the ferrule would likely be cone shaped slightly by now. They were notorious for developing flat spots on powerful follow through of draw shots. Over time, the flat spots would be around the whole ferrule, and it would end up looking like a cone. (exaggerated, the angle is very minor, but visible). The ferrules can also melt easily during tip install if the installer is not familiar. That used to happen occasional on the first Predators. The later predators they put a slightly harder material.

What do you mean the joint hole is off center? The thread being a helix can make it look off center even on 5 figure custom cues. Is that what you're referring to?


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Ferrule and the splices look good. Pretty impressive shape it's in. The joint may have been modified from stock, something about all those rings inside it looks off.
Yea I sent it back. Joint looks like it was different thread an they drilled it out an retapped it for 3/8 but they off drilled it an joint don't line up with my cue an it was off bad.