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I have a friend of mine who plays in the
North Shore Pool League in Waukegan, Il who
owns a chimney business who would like to help
some orphans in our area. I've been told there is
an orphanage in LaGrange, Il and another around
the Decatur area. Point being, he would like to be
able to supply these orphanages with pool tables
and inexpensive cues (but good ones) and he has
enlisted me to help get the word out and actually
go there and give the kids who are interested a
few lessons on the basics of playing pool. He has
a huge dream to take this to the point of getting
sponsors to help out once he gets this up and
rolling. I'm a big fan of kids, especially when they've
been dealt a less-than-stellar hand to begin with. I
didn't meet my dad until I was 40, so I have a soft
spot in my heart for those kids less fortunate. So
if anyone has any good, but cheap cues they're
willing to donate, or a 7' table (or two) they are
willing to part with, it would be greatly appreciated.
He's got his attorney working on the legal mumbo-jumbo
and also putting together a website as well. I believe the
name of the website will be orphans-r-all-our-kids.org or
something like that. It's not up and running yet, and I
will keep you posted once I find out all the details. I just
thought this would be a good place to start. Any donation
given is obviously a tax write off as well. He would also like
to get some cue makers involved once this is running, as
he would like to hold some tournaments where the kids who
enter and win the tournament are awarded a cue and case
for winning the tournament. If anyone has any other ideas
that would help, they would also be appreciated. So...from
the bottom of my heart I hope we can put this together and
help these kids find something to do other than video games
and help them find a positive and fun hobby they can feel as
though they belong to. Thanks again...
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