Ortiz goes undefeated in season finale of 2023 NWPA season


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She hit two ‘speed bumps’ on the road to her fourth victory on the 2023 Northwest Women’s Pool Association Tour. Molina Ortiz had won the first two and last (fifth) stop on the tour before settling in to Ox Billiards in Seattle, WA with 39 other competitors this past weekend (Nov. 4-5). She went undefeated to win her fourth at the tour’s season finale and awards banquet, which acknowledged her as the Tour Champion for the second straight year. Were it not for the aforementioned ‘speed bumps,’ she would have concluded her undefeated run (through four of the six matches she actually played) with an aggregate game score of 20-3. The ‘bumps’ were associated with two matches against the event’s runner-up, Hsin Huang, who challenged her double hill, twice, and turned her final aggregate score into 34-15.

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