Pat Diveney Custom Pool Cue


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This is a auction. The bidding starts at 699.95. Superb Cue. Weight is 21 ounces. Natural weight without weight bolts is 18 ounces. Comes with two shafts. A 12.5mm and a 12mm. The 12.5mm shaft has a very slight roll that is barely noticeable. the 12mm shaft is perfectly straight. It has a leather wrap. the butt weighs roughly 16.80 ounces. the 12.5mm shaft weighs roughly 4.15 ounces. The 12mm shaft weighs roughly 3.65 ounces. The cue looks stunning and hits great.



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US $217.28

United States

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Estimated by Tue. Aug. 3

California to Colorado.
For $217 I can get a nice Schmelke with shipping included.