Paul Sumrall Full Splice - Old School


I love this freakin' game
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Paul just sent me these pics of my "almost ready to ship" full splice.

Gotta say, Paul was an absolute pleasure to deal with, got excited about the project and I can't wait to get some chalk on this thing!!!

I wanted a REALLY old school look, and was leaning towards an ebony "titlist conversion Hoppe" but we went even "older" to a Rambow style.

Ok, so I let Paul talk me into an Elephant wrap, he said it's what looks best, and from the pics he might be right.

General Specs include:

59" overal (split)

Ivory Joint (my first, at Paul's insistence)

Micarta dash rings.

Radial Pin (He don't like 'em, but everything I have has one, so I wanted "interchangability")

True veneered full splice, ebony into old, ugly, hard, "baseball bat" maple, with the classic Titlist veneers.

13" front, 3" butt (wrap moved back about an inch from standard)

Tiger "Elephant" wrap

Veneer stack and ivory shorty butcap, like on some old Rambows I've seen.

Micarta ferrules, Kamui Black Medium tips, 13.0mm.


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I love this freakin' game
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thanks, that was inspired by his (Paul's) work, Rambows, and even some old Adams tributes I have seen.

I wanted something other than the standard Titlist Hoppe conversion (I have a rosewood Harry Richards almost done).

More pics and a "PING!" report when I get my hands on it.
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I love this freakin' game
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damn. I just love those short, stout full-splice points.

Itchin' to get my paws on this thing.... :happydance:


I love this freakin' game
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more pics... he's KILLIN' ME!!!!

Early reports suggests the cuemaker loves his own work, which is a good sign. :thumbup:


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I love this freakin' game
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My cue arrived yesterday, and I am IMPRESSED. Pics don't do this thing justice.

This thing is old school incarnate!!

Paul has excellent attention to detail, and from tip to bumper this cue is beautifully executed. I've never tried to go over a cue, bit by bit, for detailed report, but I will try.

The old school paper micarta ferrules are a cool putty color, and Paul was right,his technique leaves no glue line. Both shafts are a full 13.0mm and have what I think Paul called his "parabolic" taper. It's not a long, predator / smoochy type taper, but it's not a straight cone, billiard taper either. Something in the middle, playable and comfortable, but still stiff.

Even without an insert the LIGHTER of the two shafts weighs 4.0 ounces!!! The heavier, darker shaft weighs 4.3 ounces!!! With a swoopy taper and no insert!!! :grin:

Butt 15.5 ounces

Shaft #1 - 4.0

Shaft #2 - 4.3

The ivory joint (my first) is perfect, with some nice grain to it. It is "threaded on" and there is a through hole of about 1/2" where you can see the forearm wood around the pin.

The forearm is, as requested, of old, hard, ugly "baseball bat" maple. Balabushka thought that hit best, and so do I. The forearm does have some figure in it, some subtle curls that shine under table lights, but mostly it's a straight grain spear.

The points are of ebony. Not perfect, black plastic looking ebony, but really dark brown, old school ebony with some minor striping. Again, this is as requested. The theme in general was NOT perfect, but truly old school, as if I had found a nice ebony titlist and asked Paul (or Herman Rambow) to convert it for me.

That would mandate titlist veneers of course, and Paul did them perfectly. This is a TRUE full splice, and the points are sharp and the tips are very close to even. I would estimate less than 1/8" between tallest and shortest. Very nice, traditional, and again old school. Paul has laser engraved SUMRALL in one of the points, it's how he's marking this year's creations.

Paul "insisted" on a Tiger wrap. I have had 2-3 knowledgeable cue makers tell me the Tiger product was the best, most consistent, but this is the first one I have ever had. We looked over some color choices, and Paul said we just had to try the elephant print.

I was dubious, but I gotta admit, it does "look right" and he did an excellent job on it. You really do have to look for the seam, and the pattern is "just right" as far as tackiness and grip.

The butt, well it's a simple, old school, full splice, so the butt s simple, and an extension of the point wood. There's only 3" or so from the bottom of the wrap to the end of the cue. I don't need room for fancy gingerbread inlays, this is a PLAYING cue, and I like the wrap moved back that extra inch.

At the bottom, instead of the ever popular "Hoppe Ring" I went with a "Rambow" style, matching veneer stack, and a 1/2" ivory buttcap. Paul has his logo'd S&S "Superman" bumper in there.

Overall, I am just really happy and impressed with both Paul's work, and what a pleasure it was to work WITH him. He LOVES to play pool, LOVES pool players, and *GASP* actually listens to you, trying to figure out what YOU want.

There's always some trepidation when you send drawings off and try to describe your vision through emails and phone calls. Well Paul listened, give his own EXPERT input where needed, and when solicited and I ended up with a GORGEOUS cue.

Paul likes to build cues for PLAYERS, not "safe queens". His cues are like musical instruments, and were meant to be PLAYED with.

This build took a few MONTHS, not YEARS, and Paul was in touch and easy to reach throughout the process. :thumbup:

Paul is one of the very few cue makers building true full splice cues, in a reasonable time frame, at a price an enthusiast player can afford.

I am glad I got my first, and he'll get more orders from me.

Looking forward to buying him a beer on his next trip to Florida.
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I love this freakin' game
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Your review was very kind. (FYI) the ivory joint is threaded on...

My pleasure Paul, and thank you again for a gorgeous cue.

As to the joint, I just meant it was not a flat face of ivory, "capped", but that I could see the wood through it. Obviously, without asking you, or destroying the cue :eek: I am not sure how you actually attached it.

I keep showing it off down here. When you come to visit, I'll have some folks to introduce you to.

BRAVO again. :thumbup2: