Pechauer 1 of 1 cue $2000


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Joe Pechauer 1/1 custom cue

Here is your chance to own a true one of a kind custom cue that is immaculate.

Joe made this cue for me a few years ago
It has been test hit with but never really played with and is in brand new condition.

It is an All Ebony cue with 6 blood wood points 6 ivory points and turquoise diamonds inside each of the ivory points. Small turquoise diamond inlays over the double silver rings.

The butt has 6 Ivory boxes with turquoise diamond inside and blood word boxes around each Ivory box with many small turquoise diamonds over the double silver rings.

The cue has his signature followed by the 1/1 in one of the Ivory points as shown in the picture below

Butt weighs 15.7oz
Forearm is ebony
Butt is ebony
Black lizard wrap
Inlays are Ivory, Blood Wood and turquoise
5/16x14 piloted joint
Shaft is 4.7oz 13mm 29” piloted joint

Price is $2000.00 shipped

Please pm me with all questions






Thanks for looking

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