Perpetual Motion by Tommy Kennedy


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That video sums up Tommie. Hes a special guy that the pool world needs more of.

We lived in Fla for a while. I met Tommie many times. That was 1o years ago. When we see him at a tourney now I always saw Hi. He gets that look of i know u but I'm not sure from where. Then he sees my wife. She's vertically challenged as is Tom. He smiles and then all of a sudden he remembers us. U sly dog TK.


I've been around Tommy many times in the last ten years at the tournaments he runs/attends and not a single time has he not done this. He's a great guy, and if you happen to beat him he is as gracious a loser as there ever was.


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I first saw him at the VNEA tournament in Vegas in 1987. We may have visited a few minutes, I am not sure. When I saw him again in Nashville in 1992 at a tournament, I was surprised at his reaction to seeing me. I was like he knew me well and was glad to see me again.


Met Tommy at a friends house and played pool for about 5 hours and did not win a game. He was in Albany Ga. this week end and finished 2nd then he was at a benefit tournament in Columbus Ga. and finished 1st. all the local hustlers came up short. They all had chances to win but could not get it done. Tommy has been on fire with that Nitti cue.


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Here's something pretty cool from Tommy Kennedy!

I kind of wish Tommy would give some credit to the guy who taught him to do that. It was a player named Buzz Harris who is dead now. Buzz was not only a good player but could juggle, do standing back flips, walk on his hands all kinds of stuff. He spent hours working with Tommy on the on the table juggle.

Buzz had a finish to it though. He would scoop a ball into the side or corner pocket as he juggled till there was just one ball left. For some reason Tommy never worked up a finish to the act.