Pizza or straight pool?

Mr Hoppe

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Thought I'd pass along that you can get the 2006 World 14.1 Championships at Seyberts here for $12 bucks! 5 DVDs, 3 1/2 hours of pool with commentary for less than the price of a pizza. Add some stuff to your order and you can also get free shipping.


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Thanks for letting us know about this great deal. I received my DVDs today and look forward to watching them.

Take a look at what you could be getting for just $12:

3 Round Robin Matches

Tony Robles vs Thomas Engert
Commentary by Danny Barouty & Charlie Williams

Jasmin Ouschan vs Allen Hopkins
Commentary by Charlie Williams & Randy Goldwater

Luc Salvas vs Nico Otterman

(Total Running Time 2 hours 49 minutes w/2 hours 3 minutes of commentary)

2 Round Robin Matches

John Schmidt vs Thorsten Hohmann
Commentary by Danny Barouty & Randy Goldwater

Charlie Williams vs Bobby Hunter

(Total Running Time 3 hours 5 minutes w/ 1 hour and 10 minutes of commentary)

Semi-Finals & 1 Round Robin Match

Thomas Engert vs Mika Immonen - semifinals
Commentary by Danny Barouty & Charlie Williams

Jeanette Lee vs Randy Goldwater

(Total Running Time 3 hours 28 minutes w/ 2 hour 13 minutes of commentary)


Thorsten Hohmann -vs Max Eberle

(Total Running Time 3 hour 29 minutes )

Finals & 1 Round Robin Match

Thomas Engert vs Thorsten Hohmann - Finals
Commentary by Tony Robles & Charlie Williams

Johnny Archer vs Danny Harriman

(Total Running Time 3 hours 30 minutes w/ 2 hours 16 minutes of commentary)