Play Better Pool Vol. 2 by Randy G & Scott Lee


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Volume 2 of Randy G's and Scott Lee's Pool DVDs

I don't have much to say about this DVD as there wasn't much content to review. This DVD was definately made for the beginning player. Luckily the thing it does have going for it is its inexpensive price. There are about 11 sections on this DVD but really the only valuable information were the three sections on simple kicking systems for 3-rail, 2-rail, & 1-rail kicks. The systems were very simple and were only a small section of the entire DVD. Even though it was inexpensive, I didn't think the small price was worth the info.

For reference, the following are the contents...
8-ball rules
9-ball rules
Cue Ball Quantification (How to describe where to aim on a cue ball for spin)
3-Rail Kicking System
2-Rail Kicking System
1-Rail Kicking System
8-Ball Practice (One rack of 8-ball while they talk about it)
9-Ball Practice (One rack of 9-ball while they talk about it)
And a special section on Trick Shots by Scott Lee

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I also didn't find a lot in Vol II that I could use.

However, I would rate Vol I as the best video that I have seen for the beginning player, and many intermediate players as well.

Vol I: five stars
Vol II: two and a half stars


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Vol 1 and 2 should have been combined into one volume. Even then it would be disapointing. Very, very basic.


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Mastering the Basics

I wonder if anyone read on the Vol 1 that it is called mastering the basics?
If you read that it was mastering the basics wouldn't that indicate that it is more for beginners?
I think these two videos would be great for teaching my wife, or even my two nieces.
Thanks for opening my eye to these videos.
BTW Randy and Scott are very good instructors, and if you ever get the chance go get instructions from them!