Please do not post email contact information when showing interest in a cue


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Just a reminder that it is a terrible idea to post your direct contact information in a public thread when you are interested in a For Sale item here. You are just asking for scammers to contact you directly and pretend they have the item you are looking for.

This warning is also valid if a random user sends you a direct message, saying they have exactly what you are looking for, but wants to take the conversation to email.

Remember, there are a TON of scammers in this sport, and they are always looking to take advantage of people.


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i post many things on many sites and provide my contact info. when i do get a call/message/text/email or whatever, i respond to it by saying"

i only sell or buy from people who call me, that way i can understand how serious you are about the ?item. scammers do little to give you valid info on them. so if they call you you now have the ability to call back and determine if they are legit. believe me this works.

now what i cant account for is individuals who have no little understanding that they can be scammed or are being scammed. but really, anyone can get your phone number and address with little search effort so giving out your phone number or even email is really not a problem, but yes it can invite problems if you dont know how to deal with it.