Pockets for Aniversary?


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With all the work being done to my table Im now considering changing out the pockets. Someone in another thread mentioned GC4 pockets and said they would be a lower profile.

Im considering these http://www.muellers.com/Molded-Brunswick-Style-Pocket,656.html are the GC4 pockets different in some way?

If so I have not seen anyplace to purchase GC4 pockets, where would I get them and what would an approximate cost be?


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Not long ago I saw SDBilliards, who posts on this site, had some new Brunswick pockets. Try him at www.SDBilliards.net/

For Brunswick style replacement pockets, try SDB on the west coast or Classic Billiards (google search for his website)on the east coast. Classic Billiards suggests the $85.00 set. I've used those. Good pockets, just not Brunswick name brand.

I'm not sure if GCIV pockets will fit the castings for Anniversaries or early GC's. Either one of guys listed above can tell you, though.



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The Anniversary castings will have one of two designs. They will accept an allen-bolt to fasten the pockets, or they won't have the hole for it. My castings do not have that hole. The pockets I received from an Oregon club owner had the bump outs on them, which I had to shave off with a cutting tool, a time consuming mess due to the metal washer-like hardware embedded in the bump-out. Cutting the bumps worked, but there were areas of pretty thin rubber/plastic as a result of inconsistent cutting. I back-padded all areas I cut by super-glueing pieces of an old mouse pad on the outside just so there was a little extra cushion. Playability? I've not had a ball bounce out yet.

Mark Gregory is the one who recommended GC4 drops... Brunswick is telling me I'd need to buy GC5 drops from a dealer... but I don't know what the outside of either pocket design looks like... bump or no bump.


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Picture will show a corner and side casting with no allen-bolt receiver incorporated into its design.


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