Poison Jump Cue


I was just wondering if anyone out there uses the Poison Jump Cue and what you thought of it if you do use it Thanks in advance for any info on them.


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I use the vx-jmp-r

I think it works pretty well. No issue getting over ball. The rubber grip is nice especially for the overhand style stroke. I don't feel like it is going to slip. Most shots, I use and old school jacked up type stroke and I have a weird wrist flick thing that I do that has made other jump cues vibrate or feel weird, this cue doesn't. Feels solid regards of how hit the cue ball. I have been able to get some draw on the cue ball on some shots when I felt I needed it.
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I bought the Poison mainly because it was the cheapest one. I don't use it much, preferring to use rails to get out if I can.

But ya know, sometimes when the wagons are circled, you have no choice.

Predators Sister company. Well made and such. I find that I have to put very little effort, power into it to make it jump efficiently. A little tap and shes airborne.

Recently, I added a couple of weight bolts to it. No good, I couldn't jump worth a darn.

Took the bolts out and it is back to normal.

The Lucasi Air Hog is another decent jump cue. I tried a friends Air Hog and was impressed at the little effort required as well. Unfortunately, in my area, Canada, the Hog was priced double to that of the Black Belt.

So, short story long as I have been known to do on the boards, well worth the money and I doubt that you will be disappointed in your new jumper should you decide on the Black belt.

I have to practice more on the shorter hops myself but I know it can be done with that cue as I have seen others use it and succeed. If yer looking for a one inch hop, I can't guarantee that but 31/2 to 4 " hops is not a problem if you are experienced.

I also know how to use too much power and put the cue ball on the floor too.
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Yer welcome. Unless you get a custom cue maker that does make a decent break and jump cue for more money, price wise I don't think that you could get a better jumper.

Unless you find a decent used Pred Air on here or EBay.

I have tried the Pred Air and can't say there is much of a fantastic difference other than I believe that the extension can be a serious bonus in some situations.