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There’s a room in Shibuya on the 4th or 5th floor I’ve been to a few times. I’ll take a pic next trip. Great equipment/room.


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The one I just posted is on the 5th floor. The one you mean might be the same brand (Bagus).
The more pics you post, the more I want to visit Japan! I realize its a bit of a thread hijack & maybe not easy to summarize - but can you tell us what the overall vibe is like in public rooms in Japan in terms of $$ action, league & tournament play? Thanks in advance.


Yeas. It’s in Old Town. There is another one on the Malacon. The one in Old Town has more action . Google billiards or pool on Maps. I take a 3 piece cue that I carry in my rolling bag. You will meet a bunch of Americans/ Canadians that
have a mini tourney on a routine basis.
I'm late getting on this thread. I live in Puerto Vallarta in the winter, and sometimes play 3-cushion (carambola) in that room in Old Town, which is called "Billar Molcajetes," It's true that the place has the vibe of an old school pool hall, with old guys playing dominoes in the corner, and a dozen others sitting around a table in front, sweating a match of "Mexican Rotation."
My favorite room is Billarama Pacifico, in the "Cinco de diciembre" neighborhood on Calle Brasil. Nice, well-maintained equipment, 7-10ft carom tables, and 4-8ft pool tables. This is the best room for serious 3-cushion players.


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