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  • Mike,

    Erwin Heber from Sioux Falls here. I played with Todd Voss in the late 80s/ early 90s.

    I am interested in a Gold Crown table recently listed in Brookings. The Center for Active Generations in Sioux Falls is looking to replace one table.

    Would you be interested in taking a look at it if I get the address? Brett from Century 21 posted the listing. I don't know if it is his table, or he is selling for a client.

    There are a couple guys here that may be ready to run up there very soon. The picture looks great.

    lol! I've been basically sheltered all my life. two kinds of chips=moore's and lay's. three pops(ok-sodas)=coke, pepsi and Royal Crown Cola! usually one and only one brand of bread. now we have stilton sheeses , stilton with blueberries or apricots. forty varieties of bacon! lol. and I still can't make a bass hit my bait. life can be heartless at times. hope you have a great, peaceful, safe day.
    i'm a truckdriver. used to stop in at an international farmers market in Ga. when I walked by the meat coolers, I deliberately did notlook in them. amazing variety of foods in there. I counted 27 different brands of pickled duck eggs, 70 varieties of cheese I had never heard of. it was an eye opener for this country boy from Ky.

    You are correct that a hit slightly less than 1/2-ball is required for equal separation angle and speed. FYI, the physics/math proof can be found here:
    This can also easily be shown at a table.

    You are also correct that at faster speeds, the CB will be delayed slightly due to the time it takes for the CB to curve forward from the tangent line per the info and demos here:

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