Pool On Tv and The Pearl My opinion


Lion or the Lamb
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I would love to see earl pull this one off for the win. I respect both players games but I have been watching earl play for many years and his personality is good for tv imo. Actually he should bust out the clear bass master shades he rocked on tv years back. Oh he also use to wear a hockey glove!! I dont know why but pool needs the antics to draw the non pool player crowd to the sport. Why do they have speed pool on espn every year?? Because when the average joe who really doesnt care about pool is flippin the channel. What does he want to watch?? Slow methodical beautiful pool that could be a five minute nine ball match OR Bobby Mcgrath and Luc Salvas shootin bad ass jam up attention grabbing pool for the average joe watching espn. So earls antics and the way he shoots and chatters are just fine with me. My opinion in a sport that needs a big rebound for the average consumer.