Possible fake Huebler on ebay


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No offense, but if you are going to fake a cue, would you fake a Huebler??

I think the better question is who is gonna fake a Huebler Sneaky Pete, just like who would fake a sneaky made by pretty much anyone? To say that a Huebler cue isnt worth faking, is disingenuous. There are many Hueblers that are stunning, and will command a pretty penny in the future. The US Open cue is one of the most original cues I have ever seen. The lower end cues wouldnt be faked, but his customs and some of the higher end cues are insanely nice.

I assume you didnt mean that like it sounded, that all Hueblers weren't worth faking. I just wanted to clarify that there was some that are incredible.



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FWIW, three years ago I bought what I thought was chinese Dufferin Phantom. From the picture, it had the red maple leaf logo. When I got it home, that red maple leaf logo read Ontario, instead of Dufferin. It was only $45 shipped, and the sneaky that I saw in the ebay listing didn't have any of the typical Huebler signs.


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Huebler Sneaky Pete

I have a Hustler cue exactly like the one pictured that I still play with. I have 2 shafts with mine. I purchased mine about 25 to 30 years ago. Got my 2nd shaft done about 15 years ago by the man himself. I can take some pictures if you would like.
I would ask the seller what kind of shaft insert it has. then you will know if the shaft is original. it should be a type of plastic.

Thanks, Greg
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Huebler Bunperes Black and Red

Here are the dates for the bumpers for the Hustler cue or Ash1 or H-T
other names its known by, here are the original Brochure pics both showing the black bumper the red bumper wasnt used on the Hustler cue until 1994 after that they were Red


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