POVPool: 1P Showdown Alex Pagulayan vs Scott Frost--Partial Video Posted


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Part 3 of 3 has been posted...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oS9KrL4z2a4

Not sure where Parts 1 & 2 are, but they said during the stream that they were posting the entire match on youtube...they'll get around to it I'm sure.

Scott must have forgotten that strength in one pocket is patience of which he has none. Note how Alex is slowing the game. Alex knows his customer weakness well. Patience is like focus both are dependent on state of mind of which it varies from person to person.


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Any word on when this match will be posted???

Well let's see, I'm in Vegas right now getting ready to stream the Andy Mercer 9-Ball Tournament, which goes for 3 days straight. Starts tomorrow at 12PM PST.

When I get back from Vegas I have a number of other things to accomplish. More Swanee Matches, more Chet Itow Matches... Then I'll get around to finishing the work needed to get done on the Alex/Frost match.

Give me 30 days...

Oh, and then there's my taxes... Gotta do those.



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On the Phil Hendrie radio show, He would have a phone interview with Bobbie Dooley. (Played by Phil Hendrie) Her husband would make muffled comments in the background (also played by Phil Hendrie) and the people calling into the show were angered thinking Bobbie was legit.

This commentating in the Frost/Lion match reminds me of that.


Notice they never talk at the same time. Genius.

original palmer

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Alex "the lion" is starting to become my favorite pool player.

i seen the video of his amazing comeback win on shane van boening. That was a great game and a great comeback.
I like his game.

I'll watch a game with him in it anyday