Practice drills


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What are some good practice drills to improve my consistency and up my game to the next level. I am currently a 7 in 8-ball and a 8 in 9-ball APA, but I just can't seem to hang with guys that are "known players." They seem to be able to get out on any rack and run racks like its nothing on a daily basis. I can run out when the opportunity is there, but I do occasionally miss. These guys can go 10-15 racks before I see a miss sometimes. So my question is, how can I practice to get a little closer to the level of play these guys are at? What can I work on to improve my game?


I have recently started playing straight pool and been playing 1 pocket for a year or 2. People cant believe the improvement they are seeing in my game. Hope it helps


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Practice Drills

I don't think it's the drills your doing or not doing. I think you need to revisit your fundamentals and get them rock solid. Make sure you have a pre-shot routine that you don't vary on (whether easy shots or hard shots). If you get those first 2 things down then some work on the mental game. After all that you should have confidence in everything you do at the pool table, any doubt will get you doubtfull results.

I'd see an instructor and get your routine/stroke video analyzed. Then go through a few lessons with them to get some great drills to really work on. Then don't go back to another lesson until you really get those drills mastered.