Predator P3 with Revo 12.4


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Hey there folks,

Predator P3 up for sale purchased brand new from Ozone Billiards as well as a Predator Revo 12.4 shaft with Kamui Super Soft Clear Tip.

Included will also be the original bumper of the cue as currently installed is the predator bumper for the extension which will also be included (80 dollar value)

Price: 900.00 but open to fair offers.

This cue has seen approximately 3 games of straight pool and thats it.

Thanks so much.


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Igor Bodlovic

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I have a Huebler Custom Shop Hearts with 2 Shafts.

1 Original and 1 314-3 both wit Ivory ferrules.


Would you be interested in trade (exchange)?
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