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Hi. I 'm new here and i want to ask if 1000 € (1100 $) is good for a custom cue? Do you have any picture to show me how a custom cue of this price would show? From curiosity..... :grin:


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Only to help others posting some customcues in that price range !
At the moment € 1000,- are U$ 1400,- !!
So the range i think should be to U$ 1400,- , correct nightelf !? :confused:
And if you are interested i would have some great production cues for that price !
Older McDermott, Pechauer´s and Viking´s.


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For your curiosity

Here is a used custom cue (no ivory) from Garten Bierbower, custom pink ivory wood break/jump cue from Pete Ohman, and a Whitten wine gator leather case. The matching set would cost just over 1000 euros ($1400 dollars)

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You can buy plenty of custom cues for $1400US. You will be able to find custom cues from makers such as Scruggs, Josey, Barnhart, Black, Blackcreek and many, many more. All you need to do is keep your eyes open on here. Someone will have what you want.