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I'm just feeling this out.

When I was at SBE, I explored getting one of several Pros to conduct private lessons and/or group lessons in a small suburb just outside Waterbury, CT.

I have a private, spacious, comfy office with an immaculate GC III, Simonis Cloth & Pro-cut pockets.
I purchased the table from Dave Egdahl and it was put in by John Kuglinski (aka NY Johnny) of North County Restorations (he did Steinway's & Amsterdam's tables).

All the Pro's were open to the idea of doing lessons, either private or group, if there was enough interest.
The 2 I'm thinking of most immediately (not at the same time) are Jennifer Barretta & Earl Strickland.

I've taken a lesson with Jennifer Barretta and I'd put her on par with Mike Sigel with regard to ability to teach. She was awesome.
I've never taken a lesson with Earl personally, but his reputation of being an excellent teacher from his days at Steinway in Queens NY is well known.

You'd just pay their fee, no table time or house fee or anything like that.

The 1 hour private lessons fee would be somewhere in the ballpark of $125.

Group lessons would be limited to 5 participants max, last for 90 minutes & cost $55 per person.

Again, no table time.

Please respond via Private Message if you're interested and please include which type of lesson you'd most prefer.

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And the expressions of interest keep coming in.

This was better than I had hoped.

I'll be back in touch with everyone by PM as soon as I can get specific date(s) and details.

Keep 'em coming! :)

T H A N X ! -Z-
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