Professional pool player cue spear?


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Click on their name in any of their posts
-- click on "View Public Profile"
---- click on "User Lists" (a little hard to find this one)
------ click on "Add to Ignore List"
-------- say "yes" to the question "Are you sure?"

Bob <-- had to figure it out after not having used it for ten years
I have 5 people on mine. Great feature imo. Wish all forums had it. I'm sure i'm on some people's IL and i'm fine with it.

Bob Jewett

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... if I ever made it big in pool ...
I'm seeing other signs of the apocalypse right now, so your hypothesis is not as far-fetched as some might think.

(Stolen from the University of Nebraska, Lincoln website.)


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Sorry my tarantula spider story is as low as i will go
And people took that to the extended snooker rest and peter sellers
Good luck. Actually- on second thought, ask everyone
Who wears a watch playing pool and who takes it off-
Maybe start a poll? Righties vs. lefties?