PureX Cue Case: Amazing Quality for the Money


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I wanted to purchase a new case in the 2X4 config. I really wanted a Whitten but didn't want to spend a g-note given recent world events. I looked at all the usual suspects and somehow they all fell short. Then I came across the NEW PureX Cue Cases. It had everything I was looking for. I really liked the structure & support the slots gave for the 2 Butts & 4 Shafts. They're firm & nicely lined (this is where so many cases disappoint). The accessories compartment has enough room for a disassembled jump cue plus a host of other secure pockets for tip-tools or whatever. You can even fit in a small towel & the over-the-back strap.

I'm a huge Whitten fan. With that in mind, this case is an amazing close second and at a fraction of the cost. I picked up mine from Seyberts and paid just under $160 including delivery. I think they were having a sale and I hunted down some online discount codes. I went with the red & black color combination. I you're looking for a case in the 2X4 configuration give this case some consideration. The construction quality is rock solid & it's got all those thoughtful little extras. You won't be disappointed.

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