Question for purchasing some wood.



Have not posted here in a while, but hoping someone can gimmie a hand here. :)

I am soon going to be having a new cue made for myself, and have been looking around for the wood(s) that I would like to use. I found some on ebay actually while I was looking for some wood to use for wood for something totally different. Wood was called "Sapele" or "Sapelle", I think it was one of the best looking pieces of wood I had ever seen. Others obviously agreed with me on that since I got beat out in the ebay auction for a very high bid on pieces of wood. :(

I was wondering if any of the makers out there knew of a place that I could purchase some of the quality that I had found on ebay. (See attatched image for picture) I really fell in love with these pieces. I think they would be so nice on a cue, I wanted to use one as the handle area with no inlays or anything on it, just the natural beauty of the wood itself. Ah well. :(

Well, if anyone can help me that would be great.


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Thats some amazing looking stuff. If its stable enough to use in pool cues its a seller...


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Try the following link. Beautiful wood and I know a cuemaker who has used them and been very happy. You have to move quick when you see a piece you like, 'cuz they get snapped up fast. Also, I think they have a $100 minimum. Good luck!