R.I.P. Ginky


So Long My Friend

I knew George since 1990 and must say that I thought he was a class act from day one. We always got along extremely well and never were at odds with each other.
Here are some of my thoughts of George "Ginky" San Souci.
I will always remember him laughing and telling jokes. He loved to tell jokes. Creative and daring were attributes that I would associate with his game. Not afraid to play outside the box. Stood toe to toe with best at 3am on any given Monday.
I felt that he was always looking for a way to help me and for that he will always be remembered. And so as your physical body melds back into the earth may your soul find its way to the next realm. Rolando


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I'm sorry for the family and the pool world's loss. I regret that I never got to meet you. You will be missed.


I meet Ginky in Las Vegas in 1993 i believe it was. I steered him at Cuetopia and he won some matches although didn’t get a
ton of action if i remember correctly. He was young and had a big game and plenty of gamble.