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Here have an official rant and rave section to keep from highjacking good threads. heck maybe it become a sticky.



1hole anyone?
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I hate finding three rows of 1/2 inch or longer staples in the backerboards and frame and rails!!!! Especially 1/4" wide 1 inch long suckers! Makes me wantto hunt down the last guy to put it together!
Slate suspended from ALL corners,with all the legs shimmed, and the wrong rail rubber on a table!:mad:
And stripped slate screws,or pockets screws on a Gold Crown........
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I hate people that try to ruin a good thing. I also hate it when people say they are going to go away three or four times and can not do a disapering act. They lie so much they do not know who they lied to.
Just do the dam job and shut up!


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I really despise having to carry 9' slate up stairs (or anywhere else for that matter!) Glen, how much for the "magic humper"?

Chiseling bondo or plaster away from slate screws, (especially ones that should have never had it to begin with)