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I'm selling two very rare one pocket matches. The tapes come with the backup DVDs for personal use (the conversion has been done by a specialist shop here in London as Accu-Stats have never converted those to DVD as far as I'm aware). If you are a one pocket aficionado, both these matches are must see!

C1P-05 Allen Hopkins vs Nick Varner (100 minutes). This is the video of a single rack from the quarter-finals of the first Legends of One Pocket held in Columbia, SC (January 1991). It's a player review tape hosted by Bill Incardona, with both Allen and Nick providing insights into their thought process and shot selections. A great tape to learn one pocket from! You can find further detail on the tournament here.

P1P-06 Nick Varner vs Jimmy Fusco (237 minutes). This is the quarter-finals match from the second Legends of One Pocket held in Philly (July 1991). This is also a player review tape, with Grady Mathews and Jimmy Fusco doing a voice-over commentary. This is one of the greatest one pocket matches caught on tape! You can see a snippet of an amazing shot played by Nick here. You can find some further information on the tournament here.

I'm selling as a bundle and asking $50 shipped (this assumes I will be able to get the tapes shipped from the UK to the US for $20 or less). I'm happy to shave off a tenner if the buyer is based in the UK or Europe.