Relocating/whole shop for sale


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Relocating/whole shop for sale****new items**** 10/9/2011

First come, first serve. And by that I mean, first to pay. I don't care who you are or when you say you will pay, I'm not holding anything without money. Price is listed with shipping included unless otherwise noted. Check the first post for availability. If it's on the list, it's still for sale. Please put what you are taking in the message box on paypal. PayPal is

Once again, I apologize for the confusion the first time around, even the guy I told to F off on the phone. Hopefully this time it will go a bit smoother.

14x40 Enco machine lathe, about three years old, very light use. Still in new condition. Accu-rite DRO, rear chuck, bearing set up in the steady rest. The first time I had this listed for $2200. This time I'm going to list for $2400 (not including shipping) and include the Phase 2 quick change tool post and all the holders. 9 holders total.

Taig cnc with uniques quite router, The spindle I think I inlayed two cues with. Taig probably 15-20 cues
Price with the original spindle- 1500.00+ship obo
Price with both orig and unique spindle- 2500.00+ship obo

Tapered Fronts .970-1.17 Been sitting in this state for a minimum of 4 years
All 14" unless otherwise noted
$28ea shipped

1-Curly Bubinga
1-Zebra Wood
1-Pink Ivory
5-East Indian Rosewood
1-Purple Heart
1-Tulip Wood
2-Bolivian Rosewood
1-Bocote 12"

Shaft Wood
163-1"dowels $12.00ea shipped
62-tapered 640@tip, .950@joint $14.00ea shipped

Handle Wood $7.00ea shipped

Inlay slabs $5.00 ea shipped all are 8-9" long or longer 1 1/2 wide

Material Quantity on hand
Birds 6
Micarta 3
Curly 5
Pink Ivory 13
wenge 11
Green dymond wood 4
Ebony 2
bocote 15
purple heart 10
paduk 9
indian rosewood 13
zebra wood 10
Blood wood 3

Material Dimensions Price Shipped

web malachite 1 1/2x12 $30
Imitation mother of pearl 8x2 $30
web turquoise 7 1/2x 2 1/2 $25
Striped malachite 2 3/4x 6 3/4 $20
Imitation ivory 2 3/4x 2 3/4 and 3/4x 7 $20
Green Abalone 9 1/4x 4 $80
Red Coral 8 1/2x 2 $30
White turquoise 12x2 $35ea have two of these

Gun Drill 18", 1" shank, rear air, .760- $100 shipped

Ferrule Tenon Threader 5/16-18, centering rod- $30.00 shipped

Stainless Joint Collars $5.00ea shipped
3 5/8-18
3 3/4-16
1 5/8-11

3/8-11.5 tap $35.00 shipped
3/8-11 tap $30.00 shipped
3/8-14 tap $30.00 shipped

Uni-loc Maintenance Set- $45.00 Shipped
Radial Maintenance Set- $45.00 shipped
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Why not just edit your post and stick some prices on those items, I bet you could move most of it in short order here, without all the ebay fees,,,,,a few pictures would help also.
Good luck with the relocation, I'm sure you'll never regret it.


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Change of plans. Pm's only and I'll probably put some prices up on the first post as well.
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Also part of the reason I wanted to use ebay was it would have been a little easier pricing stuff. If any of my ideas on price are out of line feel free to say so even if your not interested in the item. I just want to be fair.

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Everything listed is still available. I will post more prices later. And there are a few that wanted pics as well but I have been on this computer to long this morning/afternoon. Paypal addy is


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Guys, I'm getting so many pm's I can barely keep up. I answer one and get another. Prices are as posted or make an offer. Getting to many pm's saying "if I take this and this, how much. Add the prices up for whatever your wanting and make me a reasonable offer. I have had quite a few "I'll take" too. I'll tell you if its sold or not but I'm not marking anything sold and its still for sale until I have money. I get all emails on my phone....unfortunately lol. So I will know with in a few minutes of receiving money. Sorry if I sound like a douche, but I have been answering pm's since 6:30am....straight. Part of the deal I guess.


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Payment sent per the PM's over the last several hours for
2 Black/w white speck- new....30
Black- 1/2 to 3/4....20
Antique White- 1/2....15
White/w brown- almost full....25
White /w green- almost full....25
Green /w white- almost full....25
Brown /w black- new....30
White /w black- almost full....25

Ferrule rod-Black canvas-35"....5
Brown canvas- 45"....10
LBM Rod- 17"....15
Atlas MPI Ivory- 17"....5

Mahogany Linen

Awaiting to hear if the black below is double-black. If so, I'll take it, too.
Black Linen

Misc size black linen
1.31od-.750id- 35".....35
1.12od-.750id- 35".....35
1od-.5id- 22".....20

Let me know shipping and I'll send a second payment.



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I have a splitting headache! If i would have known I was going to get this overwhelming response, I would have went about it a bit different. I think I have gotten back to everyone. I'll try and post some pics later. Thanks to all!


i'M Wanting the hightower, maybe the cnc. Please read your pms i have given you my email address there i'd like to see pictures. I'm out of town and will return Monday, then we can workout the payment and the shipping


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Thats all I've been doing is reading my PM's lol. Im only one man. lol

i'M Wanting the hightower, maybe the cnc. Please read your pms i have given you my email address there i'd like to see pictures. I'm out of town and will return Monday, then we can workout the payment and the shipping