Replacement inserts for GC3 counters.


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I was curious if someone makes a cover plate insert to replace the ball counters on a GC 2/3. Or have done something of that nature.

On our main tables we dont use them and have bead sets.
Some of them dont function properly and/or tend to pop up from flush to the rail. (they are 25 years old or better)

I think a nice (flush mount) plate with the room name , table number or just something on them would accent the table and solve my little issues.

i may have to design one....


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I have never seen a plug for the holes.

replace foot rail with another head rail.

drill out the hole to be round call them drink holders.

reformica the rails.

make an insert and call it a chalk holder or penny holder.

other then that a little dab of silicone to hold them in place.