Results of my 1st Annual 14.1 League Tourney


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I held my 1st annual 14.1 tourney yesterday @ Sharky's Billiards in Davenport, IA. Everyone had a blast & they want to play more 14.1. :D

We held back $$$ from our 2 league sessions in 2012 to fund the tourney & collected a total of $378 for the prize fund. Not a huge pot, but it's a free-roll if you participated in both sessions. We might bump up the funding this time around.

1st "Little" Joe Villalpando ($130)....yes, that "Little" Joe. :thumbup:
2nd Josh Ray ($95)
3rd Terry Anderson, Jr. ($65)
4th Mark Nelson ($40)...that's me. :smile:
5th-6th Chris Ralston & Charlie Jones ($25 each)

I got tired.
The room was too hot.
My stroke was too cold.
The Kamui seperated during my first match.
I had to use my wife's cue for the remaining matches.
I was giving up a ton of weight (100pts going to 150 in two matches...I lost both. :angry:).
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