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Just a quick question. How good is a "short-stop" and why are they called "short-stops"?

A short stop is a low level pro. When a shortstop goes on the road, he doesn't have to travel very far before someone beats him. Hence, a short stop from home.


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A buddy of mine was playing in the Texas Open years ago (his first time) and was down I think 5-0 in the race to 9. Guy makes a mistake and my buddy runs out then puts 7 together to get on the hill. He made a mistake and the guy shut him down and won the set, but he sure turned some heads with that run.

Another buddy of mine was in Alabama and matched up with some guy he didn't know. The guy and his backers sat there cool as a cucumber as my buddy snapped off the opening 6 racks, and my buddy noticed it. He told me he was playing some of the best pool he had ever played and it kind of made him nervous that this guy and his backers could care less. My buddy breaks the 7th rack and plays safe, guy kicks the ball in, runs out, and puts six right back on him to pull the coin back to even. My buddy saw all he needed to see and quit even. Said that was all the gear he had to offer and if this guy had that kind of gear at will...he didn’t have any business playing him for anything.

Me personally, I was playing an 8ft tourney down in Texas and put 4 on a guy in a race to 7 just to have him run the set out from 4-4 and beat me. Also, I was gambling with a guy once and put three in a row on him to end the set. He leaves his cues with me because he didn't have the cash so I'm sitting around for 20-30min waiting and he gets back, pays, and wants to keep playing by the game. I won the toss and put another 5 on him and he quit and never played me again. I have no idea where that came from, BTW--I don't have that kind of gear.

I love this stuff man. Thanks for posting. I had a similar experience to yours playing miles over my head. Ill share it when I got a little more time.