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  • May today bring you joy and happiness!

    hi j
    working hard and not much time 4 pool, but i'm still lurking on the sidelines. ;-)
    hope u-r good. have a merry christmas, and to michelle too if u-r still hanging together.
    stay safe in the new year.
    tx for the note.
    Hey Bud long time no talk to. I think I may be coming out either the 1st or 2nd week of February. Anything going on those weekends? Singles? Double? Anything? I'm still a 7 and a friend of mine is going to come with me. He's probably a 6. We're looking to play ALL weekend. We'll be getting into town late Thursday night. Hope all is well with you and hope to talk to hear from you soon.

    My name is Travis Vanwinkle. I will play some 500 or 1000 dollar sets. I will not ask to adjust no matter how much I am stuck at this game. I will also not adjust if I am winning this game either. Let me know what we can do. On a side note I dont want to have waht happened last time happen again were they say they will play then I drive up and the game has changed or the bet has changed. Thank you for looking into this for me. It will prob be around 1 august before I can make it to phx since I travel alot for work. If they will meet half way in tucson we can play before that.
    It's all yours J... Find a crown and a throne.. :) I'd love to have at it with ya sometime... but now isn't the time unfortunately. Hope you and 'panda girl' are doing well, and that your return from 'retirement' (from pool) is a positive change for you.
    Have a great day.
    Man, my games good ,then bad, then great, then I stink up the place. At least when I was a drunk I was consistently so-so. I play about 20 hours a week. Got to get you over here for some free pool.
    Is Monday a holiday? If your off ,let me know.
    Ugh not going to be able to make it tomorrow. But keep me in the loop of future events. I wanna come out a bunch this year.
    Jason- What up doggie it's Brock from CA. Hey I was thinking about coming out for that 10-ball tourney at Metro this weekend. You think a lot of players will be there? Have you heard if it's one or two days? Just trying to decice if it'll be worth my while. Are you playing? Get back to me let me know if you have an info on it. Thanks Bud.
    i'm out making friends tonight on AZ, the posts were kinda boaring so i thought i'd go around and say hello to people I read alot of their posts but dont talk to often,

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