Rick Howard, Huebler and some cheap player's cue.


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1) Rick Howard with short break shaft: $SOLDshipped
Butt: 15.29oz, Ebony butt and forearm with 3/8-11 pin, 29" long.
Shaft1: Original J/B shaft shorten with new JB tip and ferrule combo - solid breaker, 3.39oz, 13mm. 27.25" Long
Shaft2: CM360, 12.93mm,3.57oz, Hard Molavia.

2) Huebler HG Model with 4 points and veneers: $GONE reduced!!! shipped.

4 birdeye points with veneers into dark rosewood. Huebler Logo has faded.
Butt: 17.47oz and has a nice black leather wrap that I installed freehand.
The original shaft is 11.85mm, slight taper roll, weigh in at 3.65oz.

3) These 3 cues are not perfect but for the price, they are great bar cues.


A) Meucci maple butt with non meucci shaft. The shaft collar is little oversize. The butt has a slight roll in the forearm. $Traded shipped.

B) RK Custom Cue, with an old Joss shaft. Butt has a roll out but playable with the joss shaft. Butt is 15.61oz, 5/16-14 pin, 3.57oz, 12.72mm. $60.00 Shipped.

C) Converted PurpleHeart Sneeky Pete with crack in the butt...but solid shoot. Everything is straight. Butt is 14oz, 5/16-18 pin, 4.79oz, 13.12mm...Make for a great break cue and can be converted to a Jump/Break. $70 shipped.
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