Ring work on carbon fiber shafts


Right now it seems that Meucci is the only cue maker that offers the ability to match ring work on a carbon fiber shaft. Does anyone know why that is?

Also are there other carbon fiber shafts where ring work can be added (most look like there is no room)?
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Custom cue makers seem to do them too. Believe the other production companies don't want to be bothered with it. They don't match any of their wood shafts either.


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I wish more would, I ordered my Tascarella I'm having made with solid black and no rings to match my Jacoby Black shaft.


I would have thought there would have been more discussion around this because I can't be the only person wanting matching ring work on a CF shaft. This is the whole reason why shaft makers like Predator and OB sell partials, isn't it?

In no particular order: Meucci, Black Magic, XLR8, KrindleKin, and BDcues are shafts/cue makers who will match ring work. But I have no idea how any of these hit aside from the Meucci, and I have found very few to no reviews on them.

Right now the only big-name company I see offering ring matching is Meucci, and that looks like it's only on their own cues.

If you look at the design of the Meucci shaft, it looks like 3 different parts: the collar (which looks like what you would find on a wood shaft and appears to be built around wood), then the area where they put their logo, then where the carbon fiber shaft looks to actually start.

Almost every other CF shaft I've seen uses what looks like an 1/8" collar. So I'm guessing it is the actual construction used that won't (physically) allow for adding the beauty rings.

Hopefully when the CF 2.0's come out, there will be more options...

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