RIP Danny Basavich

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It is tragic to realize that despite all of the love and respect that he garnered during his mortal life, it was not enough to save him in this savage world. Thankfully, he is now in a place of abounding and sustaining love. May the Lord hold him and keep him for all time.
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Danny was a lot of fun to be around and truly a great pool player. One of the best I ever saw under pressure. He seemed to thrive on it. Danny visited me at my home in Chatsworth, CA in 2000 and stayed over for a week or so. That attracted some top players who were in the area to match up with him. Every day we had home games with him and Tang Hoa, Rafael and Mika. Some nights they all played a Ten Ball ring game for 20 a man. It was spirited, fun and also very intense competition. We filmed a lot of it and maybe someday I will convert it into DVD's. So many good memories of those days and Danny was a big part of that. When I think of Danny, that big fat smiling face is what I see first. Gonna miss you buddy. Thanks for the memories.
We gotta see those matches Jay . The world needs to be more DELICIOUS!!!


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Danny was a kind hearted person who always treated everyone with goodness. He played pool for the love of the game. He had fans all over the usa.

Dannys father is currently asking for donations to help cover the cost of his funeral expenses.
Please consider donating, as any amount will truly help his family during this difficult time.

Let's Help Danny's Family, please consider helping them on Danny's Go Fund Me page:

Please share this link on social media, this is truly helpful to Danny Family.

Danny's father has items for sale at this time, if you are interested, please consider helping Danny's family.

You can also contact Danny's father directly, on Danny's Facebook Page and message him on Ebay username: Bsmeccny1969

Danny's Family is counting on your help promoting Danny's go Fund me Page at this time.

This was Danny at age 16 practicing pool in his bedroom:

- Please Consider Donating: -

Please remember David Basavich during father's day, consider donating to help Danny's Family.
Any amount will truly help his family during this difficult time.

RIP Danny Basavich Kid Delicious


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