Rob "The Hurricain" Peacock needs your prayers


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Rob "The Hurricane" Peacock needs your prayers

Just recieved word from his sister Beth, that my good friend and Artistic Pool competitor Rob "The Hurricane" Peacock of Clearwater, Florida was severly injured when struck by a car while traveling on his motor scooter here in Clearwater. So far he has had six surgeries including the removal of his spleen. He has a crushed right ankle, broken ribs and many other injuries. Rob is a great guy and put his heart in
his artistic pool endeavers. You can see him on You Tube doing a couple of amazing shots that he invented. He recently recieved some sponsership help from J. Pechauer Custom Cues and was about to compete reglarly on a national level. While no doubt this is going to be a set back, I know Rob with his faith to see him through, will return to competition.
I am asking all AZer's to please keep Rob in their prayers and thoughts. He is in Bayfront Medical Center in room 533.
Thank you, Steve
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Thats terrible news. This kind of thing has been happening way too much lately. I wish Rob a full and speedy recovery.