Robert Harris New Design 2 shafts


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Please do not bump this listing, cue found in updated listing with two other Harris Cues.
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Crap, this is not a auction in Ebay, I done this again, it's a set price with a make offer. Sorry Again !!!

Harris CD-H-08 Robert Harris Custom Cue with 2 shafts.
The cue features two shafts that both are 12.95 mm and shaft A weighs 3.7 oz
Shaft B weighs 3.5 oz.
The butt weighs 15.0 oz for a overall weight of 18.5 oz or 18.7 oz.
Joint Pin is 3/8 X 10. This cue has Juma inlays and a Juma Ferrule.
The joint is Elforyn and comes with a Ultra Skin Soft Tip.
Ships USPS Postal Priority Mail with insurance and tracking.
Signature Required On Delivery.


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