Rodney Morris


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I just seen Rodney playing in the 2017 High Desert Shootout and he wasn't playing with
his usally cue the Tascarell.
He was using a plain ebony cue with steel joint and what looked like a derlin butt cap, also
look like it had snake skin wrap on it.

Does anybody no what kind of cue it is? I ask cause I was curious if he got a cue sponsor, in my opinion he definitely deserve one.


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Not sure. I agree he does deserve a sponsor.
Maybe brought a cheaper cue because of the conditions?
More of a chance to get banged up?


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I noticed it looked like a different cue then last year. Corey's cue shaft looks grey, I am wondering about that also.


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Rodney just said "Thanks" to Kenny Koo Cues on his FB page.

Thank you for responding.

Rodneys playing cue has almost always been from a top tier cue maker, and Kenny Koo
is no different. Seems Rodney is always playing with great cues.