Ronnie O'Sullivan

bud green

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I have a feeling he'll be back.

Maybe he's doing what some pro players in the NFL have done. Retire, go smoke some herb for awhile since they aren't getting tested, and come back when they run low on money or get bored.


What a natural talent, perhaps the greatest to have listed a Snooker cue...
Since the 80s when I was a kid I always looked up to Davis, then Hendry came along and Ronnie thereafter.

He seems to have had a lot of personal issues on and off the scene, but on his day he's a joy to watch!

Sound like he is taking an indefinite break (no pun), but I hope he returns.


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Ronnie O'Sullivan to return

Hendry: Rocket can win world title :

Betting zone 2013 World Snooker Championship Winner Odds Markets :

Ronnie O'Sullivan into 6/1 co fav in places.still some 8/1 available if you think Ronnie O'Sullivan can return to win the title.:wink::thumbup:


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Ronnie O'Sullivan 'can beat Stephen Hendry's record'

Bad move - he should have gone out at the top

1. I bet a buck he could.

2. I bet a buck John Higgins would have something to say about it.

3. I bet a buck one of the young up and coming players beat Hendry's record.

4. You never know.Steve Davis might win a few more.I'd bet a buck.LOL.

5. Stephen Hendry makes a comeback and wins a few more World Snooker titles,I'd bet a buck and as John Virgo would say,Snooker is a funny old game and you just never know.