Ronnie O'Sullivan


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Ronnie, purportedly, hates travel.
So he plans to travel to snooker hot spots around the world. :D

He isn't the only player to object to the crazy travel schedule last season,
It's a losing proposition for most players when they compete outside the UK.
He is the best player to get the situation changed.

Since he is World Champion, I seem to recall that he is automatically seeded in any tournament he chooses to enter.
So he could sign a contract next March and defend his title.

So the question I have:
Would such a contract only be to the end of the World Championship or would it be for 12 months?

Just getting snooker publicity in the slow season.
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Ronnie will not go out the game.... impossible. I think there is likely to be a bit of relaxation and before we get time to blink, Ronnie will be back! Ronnie needs the game as much as the game needs Ronnie.


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Ronnie O'Sullivan withdraws from International Championship

Jimmy White says maybe Ronnie should have a year off and he has enough ranking points to do that.Ronnie's had about 5 months away already losing out on ranking points and if he can't motivate himself for the China tournament how would he handle playing qualifiers it came to it.Nothings up with Ronnies game says Jimmy so why enter the tournament and pull out ?


Ronnie gone

Never really been a fan of his.

His head was always too messed up and I guess leaving the game was for the best for him. A break out of the game is what he needs. I am surprised he lasted as long as he did - always seemed a bit fragile.

One of the most gifted players obviously but the game moves on and the standard improves. Trump/Robertson/Allen will try n fill the gap

He has nothing left to prove, just a shame he could not just enjoy snooker and life a bit more really. He could have been the Mohammed Ali of snooker.

I wish him well and hope he enjoys some family down time and recovers his passion for the game and the simple things in life we all take for granted.


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Stephen Hendry:Ronnie O'Sullivan loss a blow to Snooker

It sure is Stephen.What a World Final Ronnie O'Sullivan V Judd Trump would have been when both players are hot and 'In The Zone'.

What a match that would be but it looks like we have to wait and see if it could happen.I really hope it does.:wink: