SALUX REVOLUTION: an enhancement


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This aiming system has been developed naturally as I make familiar with my previous system. Though it’s an enhancement, not a new one!
It is based on the observation that the yellow line is “towards the player’s eyes” during the aiming process in the SALUX system.


So the aiming process for the SALUX REVOLUTION is the following:
STEP 1: While stand-up, stay behind the CB (see “EYE”) and align the CB to the pocket


STEP 2: While stand-up, move your body toward the pocket until you see that “the top of the OB is facing you squarely”. That’s the aiming line (red line from the top of the 8-ball).


STEP 3: Put the cue on the red line so to aim at the center of the OB!
STEP 4: Form the bridge and pivot to the center of the CB. That’s it.
The main benefit is that you aim at the center of the OB and then pivot to the center of the CB.
I call this method the “central perception” because as you walk/move your body towards the pocket while looking at the OB, you stop moving when you see the top of the OB squarely.
I cannot explain with words because it’s too complex but I hope you have understood…Just use the SALUX system phase 2 many many times so that your eyes become accustomed to see the correct aiming line.
Let me know your tries…


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New thread, same response.


As the OB moves down table from the CB the included angle between the target pocket to the CB (leg a) and the line from the center of the OB to the CB (leg b) gets more narrow. This narrowing at separation results in a more narrow post pivot angle of the shot line.

The genius of your system is that the aim point (A) on the CB changes with the separation from the target/pocket to the CB and the center of the OB wherever it is down table and thus the post pivot angle also changes respectively - thus, one never misses the OB.

Unlike most other systems that associate the target/pocket to the OB (what you want to accomplish), yours does not - you only need the center of the OB wherever it may be.

Aiming center of the CB (stun) requires compensation for CIT as always.

Kudos for offering your parsimonious aiming system here for free.

Thanks and be well