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  • Tomorrow I'll post the new MEROC system. It stands for: "mechanical rotation of the cue" aiming system.
    I hope you enjoy it. Please let me know if it's clear. I need to buy an action cam to be steady on my brow. Any hints?
    Hey, I am well and retiring in AZ. Building a Billiards Club in my community from the ground up. Trying to get some more space for billiards. It's been a fun and challenging quest. Hope you and yours are well.
    It's that time of year again for LAMas.

    I did what you told me about my foot work on Pro1/CTE. I finally realize what I was doing wrong. I was stepping back way further looking at center to edge.....realize that I am walking 2-3 steps before going into stance. So I did one step this time standing closer into stance....looking at center to edge then 1 step into stance and made the ball. The whole time doing that 2-3 steps as I was walking....may not notice to myself but in reality....during that 2-3 steps I am going my line shot. It like a field sobriety test...lol. Thanks to help. Also I wasn't looking at secondary line......I just went in after I got my CTE line.....the body automatically offset when into stance. again thanks for the help.
    Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year to you and yours as well. Keep up the good fight over there on BD, NPR as here.
    Did you see the other day a poster here brought up hondo and said "the toothless sloth,hondo" ....LOL.....I'm still laughing......LOL...........................Be good
    Thank you very much and say hi to Keith. I can't shoot that well so I sweat the green felt jungle with the monsters like the Ether back in the day at the L.A. Opens & the Hardtimes.

    I remember your reports about you and your's experiences at the IPT - those were great times especially your experience with the mini suites at the Venetian and your cross country trek back home.

    Be well.
    You're one of the good guys, and you deserve the very best on your birthday today!

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