Sanchez wins five on the loss side, downs Ussery twice to claim TOP Tour title


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As BJ Ussery, Jr. was battling for the hot seat versus Larry Pittman at this past weekend’s (Feb. 3-4) TOP Tour Winter Classic, the eventual winner of the event, Venezuela’s Gregorio Sanchez, was competing in his first of five loss-side matches that would earn him a spot in the finals. The loss-side streak began when Sanchez was defeated in his third, winners’ side round by Pittman and ended when he defeated Pittman in the semifinals for a double (elimination) shot at Ussery in the hot seat. Sanchez double-dipped Ussery to claim title to the $1,000-added, 2nd Annual’s TOP (The Open Player) Tour Winter Classic which drew 36 entrants to Dot’s Cue Club in Rocky Mount, NC.

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