Schon Elite for sale


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I have a nice Schon Elite for sale. It's a stained bird's eye maple with ebony points and ebony butt end, with real ivory ring work and ivory windows on butt end. There is also a bunch of mother-of-pearl diamonds throughout. It has a real (black) lizard wrap that was added later because I felt that the standard two-tone linen wrap took away from the beauty of the mixed gray and black in the cue. The detailing is not too busy, but classy.

Included are two Schon shafts, one of which has an ivory ferrule.

Also included is a OB-1 Shaft.

The shafts are all straight and all have Moori (med) tips. The OB-1 shaft hit is solid.

The entire cue has been well maintained and is clean. I've had it about 4 years. It's definitely one of a kind at 19.3 oz.

I'm asking $1300. I'm not giving it away...the lizard wrap cost me $250 (a really nice job).

If you are interested answer this thread and send me your email and I'll send you pictures if you like.
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its ashame at one time you could just ask your price and get it they offered them to too many dealers last year at the derby i tryed selling one at 35%off this guy told me that his barber was schon dealer and he gives 50%off
schon needs to take a look at there dealers and get control back get them off all these web sites there a great cue by the way