Segmented Amboyna pool cue


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This beautiful segmented Amboyna Cue is reminiscent of the fine Amboyna cues often made in the Philippines. However, I can find no cue maker identification on this cue.

This wrapless cue has an Amboyna forearm, handle, and butt sleeve. Between each segment is a white and amboyna ring sandwiched between 2 thin black rings. See Photos.

The cue has a Radial Pin at the joint for a very solid hit and feel.

The butt of this cue weighs 15.0 ounces and the hard maple shaft weighs 3.9 ounces, yielding a total cue weight of 18.9 ounces.

The cue has no identification markings, but according to one AZ'er; this is a Luisito Valo Cue. I cannot confirm this, however.

Asking $500 and will include shipping within the United States. Cash only, I am NOT interested in trades.

I also have a beautiful Amboyna and Ebony cue for sale on AZ. See it here:

Thank you for looking.


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